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We offer cable assemblies from your drawings, custom built to your specifications or fully moulded options.

Small batches or samples where possible, to far east manufactured large volumes with reasonable MOQ's.

All mains lead varieties and IEC cables, which can be modified if required.

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We can offer turnkey build or are happy to take free issue kits.

We have an established global sourcing network for any supplier of connectors, crimps, cable or pcb components.

We may be able to help you source any electronic component you require.

  • Cable assembly, custom build, small batches, full turnkey if required.
  • Cable and wire supply, world wide sourcing
  • Connector and crimp supply, any manufacturer, world wide sourcing
  • Cable accsessories, cable ties, heatshrink, grommets etc
  • Fully moulded options including, MAINS LEADS, RJ PATCH, USB, HDMi, AUDIO / VIDEO, TELE / DATACOMMS related product.

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